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Vantassel's Trail Lodge

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Van Tassel's Trail Lodge



Van Tassel's Feature Aerial
Van Tassel's Trail Lodge
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Each structure is a unique destination; perfect for corporate retreats, continue the successful VRBO rental or keep as a multi-family compound. If you're looking to immerse into Bayfield, WisconsinCounty & Chequamegon Bay areas, and want to get to know more about Lake Superior Boating and explore the wonder of the Apostle Islands in Luxury from your own launch; then Van Tassel's Trail Lodge is for you!

Every Luxury Suite, nook and corner of the Van Tassel's Trails Lodge Estate boasts
one-of-a-kind views of Lake Superior. Meticulously & specifically designed to accentuate
the splendor of enjoying the views, quoting the owner and designer of this unique 
If ever a property had a story, then Van Tassel's Trail Lodge is a fantastic romance novel with rich history and a cast of colorful characters; worth reading and owning the hard cover. Truly breathtaking, soak up the cozy moonlit
nights while sitting by a warm stone hearth or hand carved mantel piece, take in a private sauna and relish the spa like beauty of being enveloped in a wooded seascape.  Soak up cozy moonlit nights while sitting by the warm stone hearth or hand carved mantel piece, take in a private sauna and relish the spa like beauty of your very own private seascape fire pit patio, grab a glass of Bayfield County's best orchard wine, kick back and relax at
Van Tassel's Trail Lodge Overlooking the Big Lake!


"While guests are here visiting the property; I want them to feel the blessings of being surrounded by The Big Lake; aka "Gitche Gumee" which is translated “Huge Water”. It is all about the Big Lake, that is for certain!. What I wanted to create was this; no matter where you are on the property you are able to see the lake and feel the power of the lake from anywhere on the property and leave the estate knowing....Lake Superior is the Real Focal Point."

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